After 22 years in Ocean City Real Estate, I finally made the decision to start my own agency!

So, after 22 years, why would an agent start her own agency? Shouldn't she be retiring? 

No way!  I am taking advantage of the internet and online continuing education to reach out and be accessible to customers as well as provide the most updated knowledge possible. After developing a customer base, there's no reason to quit now!

I've never been a follower and now I have the opportunity to do things my way, which is simply being able to WORK FOR THE CLIENT'S BEST INTEREST. I'm no longer hindered by company rules and regs regarding what I an or cannot do for my clients and customers. I make my own decisions and pride myself on having the highest ethical standards possible.

Living in OC gives me the opportunity to be physically accessible to be hands-on with the properties I represent, and the people who are my fiduciaries. 

I look forward to helping you, so please contact me!